Pure Sport - 2 pack
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sodium tallowate and/or et/ou sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate and/or et/ou sodium cocoate, water/eau, fragrance/parfum, sodium chloride, glycerin, coconut acid*, tallow acid*, palm acid*, palm kernel acid*, citric acid*, sodium citrate*, titanium dioxide, tetrasodium edta, green 5, yellow 10. *contains one or more of these ingredients/contient un ou plusieurs de ces ingrédients.

Pure Sport - 2 pack

Red Zone Collection

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Get inside a shower and start washing away dirt, sweat, grime, sawdust, mud, leaves, rocks, astroturf, tree pieces, animal hairs, turkey drippings, nuclear fallouts and other dirts, and start smelling like the crisp, clean scent of the purest sport-smelling bar soap available: brand new Pure Sport Bar Soap from Old Spice, whose website you are currently visiting.

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