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Welcome to a home filled with deer heads, huge fireplaces, unpublished manuscripts and gold-plated hot tubs. Old Spice Classic envelops you in a clean, manly scent that has served mankind for decades. And it fights odor all day, turning your armpit house into an armpit home.

  • Decimates odor-causing bacteria without remorse.



Dipropylene Glycol, Water, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Fragrance, PPG-3 Myristyl Ether, Tetrasodium EDTA, Violet 2, Green 6

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3.33/5 (30)
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89% Recommended
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Old Spice Original Scent

This is not the same scent as was in the the round dispenser-something has been changed and the scent is too strong-smells like Polo. I wish to be able to find the original round dispenser. Please send me an address where can purchase the original

Yes, I recommend this product!


Bring back the 2.5 oz. ROUND STICK

I've been using Old Spice for 45 years. The old ROUND STICK was, I repeat, WAS the perfect size for travel and everyday use. The new packaging is too big, period. Loyalty has its limits, though, and I plan on switching to another brand simply because Proctor & Gamble discontinued the simple, unfussy, plain, round, deodorant stick. Whatever happened to market researchers? Replaced by bean counters? P& G, listen to your customers. We want the old round stick back, please.

Yes, I recommend this product!


Round stick?

What happened to the round stick? Original scent in round stick is 5-star, recommended to others, all good, etc and so on... Been a customer for a good many years and would like to remain one for many more - kindly do not let the round stick disappear...

Yes, I recommend this product!


Shiver Me Timbers

Original Scent is like swinging from the top yardarm on a 200 ft barque in a full gale -- exciting, manly and awesome. Don't let it disappear from my store's shelves. Not having Original Scent would be like being keelhauled across a coral reef -- the epitome of unawesomness.

Yes, I recommend this product!


best deodorant

I am either allergic to most artificial scents or I do not like them. The Original scent classic is the ONLY one I will use if I have the choice. Unfortunatly, it has become hard to find, at least in the Iowa City area.

Yes, I recommend this product!


Old Spice Classic is the best of all!!!!!!

I have used Old Spice Classic for decades, and have tried others occasionally, including the newer Old Spice products, including the High Endurance Classic... But NONE of these is as good as the ORIGINAL!!! The problem is it's getting harder to find... I'm worried it is being phased-out or discontinued.... PLEASE don't do this! Remember the lesson of Coca-Cola Classic and other products that have tried to change something that is already perfect... And yes, Old Spice Classic is PERFECT as it is! If Old Spice Classic disappears,, the polar ice caps will melt, the sun will recede into a permanent eclipse, and all the volcanos on the planet will erupt at once... Do you really want all that on your conscience?

Yes, I recommend this product!


Bring back the old round stick!

Nothing lasts as long, smells as good as the classic stick. Bring it back!

Yes, I recommend this product!


Not the original

You guys ruined a good product. To me, its more perfum like and doesn't last as long as it use to. You claim it's the original round stick formula,it is NOT. The original formula does not use tetrasodium edta. Is that why it's more of a perfum scent? It's not the same as it use to be. I've used this product for 25 years.

Yes, I recommend this product!


Not even close

For uncountable years, I have happily used Old Spice's Classic Round Deodorant Stick Original. Now you're selling something in an oval form that claims to be original scent but isn't even vaguely similarlooks different, smells differently, and has such an extremely unpleasant feeling to it that I threw it out. When will you be bringing back the old round sticks with the formula that worked so well for so many years?

Yes, I recommend this product!


My sons are 4th generation Old Spice guys

Can't use anything else. I've tried them all and trashed the rest. Now, where can I get the travel size? Rog

Yes, I recommend this product!