Swagger Body Wash
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Bathe yourself in power. Power. Everyone wants it. But not everyone starts the day washing himself in it. We formulated Red Zone Body Wash for men who want power to seep into their very pores. Refreshing lather chokeslams dirt and odor away from your body. And the powerful scent turns your regular bathroom into an executive washroom. Scrub your outer shell of weakness away, and leave your inner shell of power shining.

  • Scent technology lasts eight-hours, an average workday.
  • Refreshing lather drop-kicks dirt and odor, does a clothesline on them and then slams them with a folding chair.
  • Hydrating formula leaves your skin smooth, not tight or dry or on the curb, crying into the rain.




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2.85/5 ( 26 )
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Swagger Body Wash
1 5 stars

I use to love swagger but you changed it without warning!

I have been using your Swagger body wash for a while now and I really enjoyed it but... I am very disappointed in the newest bottle I purchased. The formula changed! The color is now much lighter and the scent is very different. I might be lost as a customer from this change...

Swagger Body Wash
4 5 stars

Why did it change?

I loved the old swagger but now it looks and smells much different, i liked the old stuff better.

Yes, I recommend this product!

Swagger Body Wash
1 5 stars

Recent change in scent smells like someone urinated in my highschool locker room.

I have been using Swagger body wash for quite some time. I loved the scent. Yesterday I bought a new bottle and was rudely awakened in the shower by its awful smell. I don't care if you change the scent, but I'm sure I can find another company who at least announces a total destruction of their product or changes the label in some way to notify customers. Lost all trust in Old Spice. I used this bottle once and will be throwing it away. It isn't even worth leaving in the shower for visitors to use. I want my money back.

No, I do not recommend this product.

Swagger Body Wash
5 5 stars


Absolutely love the scent! A pleasant scent that is not over bearing.. Have been using it for a few years now and will not give it up... I do wish though that they had it in an aftershave lotion... I give it 5 Stars all the way!!

No, I do not recommend this product.

Swagger Body Wash
1 5 stars

Scent has been changed, and not in a good way.

This has been my go to body wash for years and all the sudden they changed the scent to an awful smell. I even bought another bottle thinking it was just mislabeled, nope. Definitely time to look elsewhere. To make it worse I'm sure my deodorant is destroyed as well. Some notice or warning would have been nice before I wasted money on this subpar product. Thanks.

No, I do not recommend this product.

Swagger Body Wash
2 5 stars

New scent??

I used to love swagger but you changed the scent/formula?! Why would you do that without appropriately labeling it as new?? Poor call on your part. Please bring original scent back. I will no longer buy product.

No, I do not recommend this product.

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