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Beard Conditioner

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  • Nobody likes an itchy beard. Soften that scruff with this beard conditioner
  • It's a beard conditioner for men who want to wake up and then smell like a cocktail of citrus & vanilla with spicy undertones
  • Massage into beard and rinse. Forget to rinse? Your beard will only get extra soft and cuddly
  • Use daily for best results. Your face-glory demands it 
How To Use
Step 1: Scoop out a quarter size (for a medium sized beard) of Beard Conditioner from the jar and rub hands together.
Step 2: Massage in, spreading all the way down the shaft of your beard hair.
Step 3: Leave in or rinse out to make your manly mane soft and cuddly.
Step 4: Bask in the glory of a rugged and manly beard.
Conditioner Ingredients Conditioner Ingredients

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