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  • Give your beard a healthy sheen with reliable control. This beard oil tames rebel flyaways and leaves your beard enriched & worthy of envy
  • Quench your parched mane with a nourishing beard oil for men who take their beard care as seriously as their conquests
  • Spruce up your man-glory with a swift punch of fresh, clean aroma and a subtle lemon-lime jab
  • Don't leave your beard in a desert of thirst. For best results, use every day
How To Use
Step 1: As a final and most important step for your beard regimen, step up to the sink to apply the beard oil.
Step 2: Rub your palms together with 2-3 pumps (for a medium sized beard) of Beard Oil & watch it turn into liquid manliness.
Step 3: Run it all the way through your beard, focusing on unruly fly-aways.
Step 4: Congratulate yourself, as you’ve turned your beard into your mane attraction.
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