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The most important step in your beard care routine. Gives your beard a healthy sheen with reliable control, leaving it looking enriched without those unruly fly-aways.

For Best Results Use Daily

Scent: A 1, 2 punch of a refreshing, clean aroma followed by a subtle jab of hip, bright lemon and lime.
Beard Length: All
Size: 50 mL (1.7 FL oz)


How To Use
Step 1: As a final and most important step for your beard regimen, step up to the sink to apply the beard oil.
Step 2: Rub your palms together with 2-3 pumps (for a medium sized beard) of Beard Oil & watch it turn into liquid manliness.
Step 3: Run it all the way through your beard, focusing on unruly fly-aways.
Step 4: Congratulate yourself, as you’ve turned your beard into your mane attraction.
Oil Ingredients Oil Ingredients

Customer Reviews 5 (4 Reviews) Write a review of this product

5 Stars
Beard oil

Nice scent ant texture. Recommended

5 Stars
Beard Products

I have tried many beard products out there and i will say that Old Spice Barbershop is by far the best. First of all the beard oil works really well, rub it in and it doesn't leave your hands all oily. The beard wash smells fresh and truly does soften the beard. The conditioner just aids (compliments) the beard wash. Lastly the beard balm works well if your beard is grown out enough to lay down.

5 Stars
Good oil

Most oil leaves a slick on your hands and sits on the surface of the beard. It's easy off the hands and isn't that bad on the beard so if you have lady friends who like playing with your beard or on your phone it won't leave some long streak on anything. Used sparsely and properly goes a long way with this oil

5 Stars
Beard Oil

This is some superb beard oil. Gives your beard a nice shine without any oily residue on your beard or hands! Has a nice subtle scent that smells fantastic! Love the labels as well and the nice packaging that it came in!