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Beard Wash

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  • Beard wash nourishes face hairs and cleanses away dirt & whatever else you left in there. No you are not "saving it for later"
  • Spruce up that man-glory with a 1,2 hit of fresh, clean aroma and a little jab of lemon-lime
  • Lather up and cleanse with beard shampoo to make your beard actually appealing again. Nobody likes a stanky beard
  • Afeard of fluffliness? Follow with a beard conditioner and beard oil to smooth and hydrate. Style with beard balm
How To Use
Step 1: Dispense ~2 pumps (for a medium sized beard) of Beard Wash into hands and rub together to get a copious amount of lather.
Step 2: Rub it deep into your beard to cleanse any dirt trying to stick around since you stopped shaving.
Step 3: Rinse out.
Step 4: Flaunt the freedom of your well-cleansed beard.
Wash Ingredients Wash Ingredients

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