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Happens every time. The pressure’s on. You’re trying to remember if cutting the blue wire or the red wire will save the world, when inevitably someone stops you to tell you your pits stink. Don’t be that guy. Save the world without pitting. Save it with Old Spice Steel Courage Soft Solid Sweat Defense Extra Strong Antiperspirant and Deodorant.


Active Ingredient: Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex Gly 19% (anhydrous). Inactive ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, petrolatum, cyclodextrin, synthetic wax, tribehenin, PPG-14 butyl ether, fragrance, paraffin

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4.68/5 (160)
96% Recommended
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Great Product !

This is the best toothpaste I've ever used. My teeth feel so clean it feels like I just left the dentist. Great job Crest!

Yes, I recommend this product!


Scary good.

This product works do good, it's scary. My gums look better.

Yes, I recommend this product!


Awesome. No worries.

I'm 53 and I've been using toothpaste a long time. This product is simply magnificent. My mouth just feels cleaner and my breath is super fresh. I am going to only use this product from now on. I'm sold. I'm just a private citizen with no agenda.

Yes, I recommend this product!


Crest The Crest Team 04/18/2018

That's just the experience we were hoping for. We're glad to hear you found your new favorite toothpaste. Happy Brushing!


Wonderful product

I have multiple medical problems, which have resulted in a dry mouth, gum and tooth loss. This product is the first one that I have used at bedtime, and woken up with a moist, fresh mouth. Got a sample tube from my dentist, and will now use only this product. Thank you!

Yes, I recommend this product!


Gum Happiness!

I have been suffering from overly sensitive gums/bleeding gums on my lower left have of my mouth. Although I go to the dentist regularly and get the expensive laser cleanings, my gums just don't seem to get good long lasting results. I started Gum Tetoxify about 3 weeks ago and almost within days, my gum inflammation was gone and bleeding stopped about 99%. I just could not believe that something like a "new" toothpaste did the trick. I am recommending this new product to everyone and I am going to tell my dentist about it at my next cleaning. You may ask, why did I only give it a 3 stars on Value? Well it is about 50% more expensive that the standard toothpaste offerings and contain less oz. So it is a premium product, but I hope they find a good balance on price and increase the contents per oz.

Yes, I recommend this product!


Glad I gave this product a try.

Using this product has been very helpful. I suffer from dry mouth syndrome and my gums are usually itchy and irritated. It also cleans my teeth and leaves a protective coating that doesn't allow food particles to stick to teeth or embed in gum spaces or pockets. Very inexpensive with powerful results.

Yes, I recommend this product!