If you liked Old Spice Matterhorn, then you should try Citron


Fresh Collection

Smells come and go. Unless they are those smells that just linger and won’t leave the car no matter how long you drive with the windows down. Matterhorn spent its whole life fighting smells just like that. Just like that one in the car I was just talking about.


Fresher Collection

Climb the tallest tree. Sail the widest ocean. Discover the heretofore undiscoverable. Why? Smellventure, my friend, smellventure. Bring the aromas of your far-off conquests home and then slather them all over your body. Citron has a scent that's fresher than a sea breeze and brighter than the sunshine reflecting off your schooner. So cast your eyes towards the horizon, and then go get it and bring it back here so we can see what it looks like.