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Choosing the Right Face Wash

When it comes to the shower, most guys have their routine down pat. This time-tested, choreographed sequence of lathering, washing and rinsing is a daily tradition that many men can even accomplish while half asleep. 

Yet, when it comes to keeping those good looking mugs clean, we know that guys are often lost at sea. The skin care aisle is overly-complicated and confusing, so trying to find the right product that meets a guy’s unique needs is near impossible.

So, how do you know which face wash is the right one for you? Thanks to Old Spice’s new collection of skincare goodness, we’ve done your homework. #youresmellcome

Daily Face Wash:A splash of water across the face doesn’t do much aside from getting the sink really wet. You still need to include a facial cleanser to remove the dirt and oil left on your skin throughout the day and night. If you want something that gives you a good clean without over-drying, try adding Old Spice’s Daily Face Wash to your splash pad. Our tried, tested and true classic cleanser is designed for normal skin and helps to  clean and refresh your skin without over-drying. Featuring an oil-free formula with a light scent, it’s like  wearing your favorite white t-shirt, but on your face.

Deep Clean Face Scrub: Similar to that pan in your kitchen sink that you used to make nachos a couple of days ago, sometimes your face needs a little extra scrub to get clean. Facial scrubs are great for guys that deal with overly-oily or overly-dry skin. Products like Old Spice’s Deep Clean Face Scrub are great way to gently exfoliate, remove the oil and dead skin cells on your face, and brighten skin to make you look like that guy you keep trying to pass off as in your online dating profile picture.



Acne 101 – The Causes and the Remedies

Whether you’re a 30-year-old, sea-faring, battle-hardened pirate looking for lost gold, or a 17-year-old guy wondering which selfie you should send along with your college admission application*, getting acne can be a major downer. Not only can acne distract people from your awesome new outfit, but it can also have a major impact on your confidence. There’s a long list of not-so-fun things that can cause acne, but thankfully, there’s also a ton of great remedies to help you fight it.

Why the heck am I getting pimples? I’m 26!

Crushing student debt isn’t the only thing following you on your journey to legendary “adulting.” Your old buddy, acne, can often follow you like a dark shadow for different reasons:

  • Stress: We all thought adulthood included eating pizza until 3 a.m. and having all-day jam sessions with buddies, but as it turns out, we also have responsibilities. Just be sure to keep those stress levels in check! Stressing out can cause your body to release hormones that attack your oil glands, which can lead to more acne.
  • You are what you eat: Turns out eating pizza everyday doesn’t just buy you the undying love from the local pizzeria. Highly processed and fatty foods can also lead to dreaded adult acne.
  • Rest is for the weary (and the blemish-free): Remember that all-night rager? The headache that you’re nursing might not be your only problem. A poor night’s rest can also lead to a breakdown in the skin’s support structure and make you more likely to break out.

I constantly wash my face and still have acne, what gives?

Developing obsessive washing habits does not translate into less acne. Resist the temptation to wash your face multiple times a day. Over-washing can dry out your precious skin, causing it to produce more oil and lead to more acne.

Kill it with Fire!

Thankfully acne is not something we have to live with forever and there are ways to help fight it.

  • Use the Right Face Product: Soap is soap, right? Wrong. Using the right face wash and moisturizer for your skin type can make all the difference when trying to get a blemish-free face.  Don’t know what face wash is right for you?  Check out our guide to choosing the right face wash here.
  • Diet: While a weekly french fry binge might still be in the cards, it will also take a toll on your skin.  Fried foods, salt, and alcohol are filled with ingredients that can have a negative reaction on your skin and leave it more prone to breakouts.  There are also foods that are good for your skin. Consider making friends with fruits, salmon, nuts, and plenty of water to get the healthy looking skin everyone wants.
  • Hit the Gym: OK, so you don’t need to be the next Terry Crews, but getting the heart pumping every now and then can go a long way. Exercise boosts circulation and helps flush out toxins from your skin.
  • Sleep: If it’s listed in both the causes and remedies section, then you know it’s important. Sleep goes a long way in keeping you young, healthy, and most importantly, blemish-free.
*Our unofficial research shows that admission officers at prestigious universities LOVE selfies
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