How to Keep Excessive Sweating from Stopping Your Swagger

How can I decrease excessive underarm sweating?

  1. Apply antiperspirant twice a day (in the morning and at night). Why? At night, you sweat at a slower rate, which allows more antiperspirant to sink down into your sweat ducts. Once beneath the surface, the antiperspirant can form a superficial plug to reduce the flow of perspiration. A second application in the morning kicks off your body with an extra dose of sweat protection.

  2. Maintain good hygiene. Take showers regularly and wash with Old Spice body wash for a great cleansing experience. All Old Spice body washes remove sweat, dirt and oil so you can feel fresh and extraordinarily manly too.

Which Old Spice product will help me fight excessive sweating?

First, make sure you’re wearing an antiperspirant, not a deodorant. When it comes to controlling sweat, antiperspirants are more fit for the job because they help fight sweat and get rid of stink. For our best Old Spice sweat protection try  Sweat Defense Soft Solid.