What’s Whole Body Deodorant?


  • Odor can come from many places across your body.
  • Try a whole body deodorant instead of messy odor-fighting hacks.
  • Whole body deodorant gives you precision control of your odor protection needs.
  • Combat body odor everywhere

    Deodorant is the first line of defense against body odor. The thing is that odor comes from all over our bodies, but until now, deodorants have been designed only as an armpit remedy. A few swipes or a quick spray, and you’re good to go, right?

    Not quite. Did you know that odor can come from many places on your body? Anywhere skin touches skin or where it's warm and moist, odor-causing bacteria can grow. Areas like your chest after a workout or between the toes of those smelly feet, and yes, even down below. Regular deodorant is great for your pits, but the rest of you need a deodorant designed to be gentle enough to use all over.

    That’s why Old Spice created GentleMan’s Blend Total Body whole body deodorant, a deodorant you can use anywhere, yeah anywhere, for 24/7 freshness from pits to toes and down below.

    Designed Uniquely for the (Whole) Body

    Old Spice GentleMan’s Blend Total Body whole body deodorant is dermatologist-tested and gentle enough to use all over, even your SCENTsitive areas. The easy-to-use whole body spray, stick, and cream each have you covered 24/7, and they won't mess up your clothes or leave you feeling sticky like those messy odor hacks you might have tried before.

  • Nitrogen-powered Spray made with 100% natural propellant for a full array of freshness
  • Stick made with glycerin for a smooth glide
  • Low residue water-based cream made with skincare ingredients
  • Made with light, irresistible scents like vanilla and shea, the fragrances will keep you smelling great and feeling great.

    24/7 Freshness From Pits to Toes & Down Below

    Old Spice GentleMan’s Blend Total Body whole body deodorant is an easy solution to fight odor-causing bacteria and keep you fresh 24/7. Smelling great is cool, but being able to smell great all over is even cooler. With a trio of spray, stick, and cream at hand, you're in full control of exactly where to apply your odor protection. Whether you're focused on your pits, feet, crotch, or anywhere else, this clinically proven odor protection will have you feeling fresh for up to 72 hours, and that sensation will keep going for long enough for you to make a move or for others to make a move on you!

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