Is Whole Body Deodorant Safe? Understand the Ingredients

Can I really use a whole body deodorant all over?

So, is it safe?

Hey, we get it. Using whole body deodorant all over might be new to some people, so it makes sense to be curious about safety. One thing is certain, safety is at the heart of everything we do. Before we market a new product, a lot of tests are run to ensure every ingredient's safety. We go beyond regulatory compliance through a four-step, science-based process using the same process as regulatory agencies around the world, like the US FDA, EPA, the EU, the WHO, and others. You can learn more about that here.

Gentle enough to use all over Odor can originate in different parts of your body, basically wherever you sweat, so we made sure this product could be used on all these parts! Old Spice Total Body is safe to use on your underarms, chest, thighs and legs, stomach, groin, neck, even feet, arms, and hands. The entire line is made with only essential ingredients that are not harmful to skin. The different forms - a spray, a stick, and a cream deodorant – create a line up safe and easy to use in different parts of your body.

You'll find skin conditioning ingredients like glycerin in the stick and Vit B3 in the cream. And because we know you might be looking for products made free of certain ingredients, the entire line up is aluminum free, free of baking soda, talc, dyes, phthalates, and paraben free. Among the light scents of Vanilla & Shea and Cucumber & Avocado, we even included an unscented deodorant stick that's free of artificial perfumes.

Tested and Approved by Experts

We want you to have confidence that experts believe in our products, so Old Spice Total Body whole body deodorant is dermatologist tested. We even asked numerous dermatologists to review the science behind the new line up, and 9/10 said they would recommend our whole body deodorant formulas to their patients based on the data they reviewed! Old Spice Total Body whole body deodorant is carefully crafted with ingredients that fight odor-causing bacteria before they can cause any unwanted smells. In fact, dozens of researchers across multiple test facilities spent thousands of hours refining each formula to curate this collection to put you in control of your odor protection for 24/7 freshness from pits to toes and down below. From ease of use to packaging, and skin safety, our Total Body Deo was tested and approved to guarantee the best product possible would get to you.

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