Old Spice Aluminum Free Total Body Deodorant Stick, Vanilla + Shea, 3 oz


Old Spice Aluminum Free Total Body Deodorant Stick, Vanilla + Shea, 3 oz

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About This Product

Say goodbye to multiple daily showers, lifting up your arm for the pit’s “smell check” or avoiding being close to those important to you. Trying to mask odors can be tough, especially when they come from all over. That’s why Old Spice created a full body deodorant with refreshing vanilla and shea fragrance that is not reserved only for your pits. Our whole body deodorant can be used from your underarms and chest, to your thighs, legs, stomach, feet, arms, hands, and even down below. That's right, you can use it ALL OVER.

  • USE ALL OVER – This is a whole body deodorant, gentle enough to use all over. You can try it on your underarms, chest, legs, stomach, groin, neck, feet, arms, hands.
  • 24/7 FRESHNESS - this Total Body Deodorant with refreshing Vanilla and Shae fragrance will make you smell great, keep you fresh and feeling dry all day long.
  • DERMATOLOGIST TESTED - We made sure our Total Body Deo was safe to use all over. With zero aluminum, parabens, phthalates and dyes this product is made to be gentle to your skin, and is safe to use from pits to toes and down below.
  • ONLY ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS - Smelling great is cool. Knowing that the stick you’re using to smell great is made with less than 10 ingredients is cooler. Only essential ingredients for the best whole body experience.
  • SMOOTH GLIDE - Is there anything better than a smooth glide stick with an amazing scent? Probably. But Old Spice's Total Body Deodorant designed uniquely for the body comes close to it.
*For external use only. Use only as directed.

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