What is Old Spice Barber Shop? 

Old Spice Barber Shop is a new online destination that sells exclusive male grooming products and offers educational content around the male grooming routine.  The Barber Shop is part of the Old Spice brand, but is focused on giving guys a simpler way to find the newest male grooming products and teaching guys what grooming solutions are right for them.

Are or will these products be sold in stores?

We have a very limited supply and distribution of this product and they are currently available online only (through OldSpiceBarberShop.com).  Once we learn more, we will assess if and how we might offer this in stores.

What’s the difference between face wash and body wash?

Face washes typically use fewer and/or milder surfactants (the cleansing ingredients) that are better suited for the delicate skin of the face.  Also, most face washes include an ingredient for moisturization / hydration whereas typical clear body washes do not. 

Should I use face wash and moisturizer every day?

Yes, for best results, use daily.  Your face is exposed to dust, dirt, sun, and a wide range of heat and humidity situations in an average day.  Using products designed specifically to cleanse and moisturize your face will help combat those environmental influences.

How does Old Spice approach product safety?

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Before we market a new product, we go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure every ingredient's safety through a four-step, science-based process. We use the same process as regulatory agencies around the world, like US FDA, EPA, the EU, the WHO, and others. Learn more here.

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